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happy birthday to harper!

“What did my fingers do before they held him?
What did my heart do, with its love?”

– Sylvia Plath

My little boy turns one today! The past year has been filled with joy, fun and adventure…what a ride it has been! Unfortunately he woke up with a little stuffy nose and cough this morning, so we won’t be able to do all the fun things we had planned. Oh well…easy enough to reschedule. We’ll just hang out at home and play with birthday presents!

I’m terrible at posting pictures of Harper on this blog, but I thought I would link to a slideshow I put together with snapshots from his first year. It is about 7 minutes long, so if you have some spare time click below! Enjoy!

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  1. Nana

    Yes, what a beautiful, beautiful boy!

    Jan 26, 2010 @ 6:06 pm

  2. Becca

    Adorable!!!! And Happy Belated Birthday to him!!! See you soon!

    Feb 02, 2010 @ 5:12 pm

  3. Katie Doyle

    Cute slideshow Brianna! Sending lots of (belated) birthday wishes to Harper!

    Feb 09, 2010 @ 1:46 pm