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the ‘j’ family

Since last fall my son Harper and I have taken an ECFE class at a local Saint Paul school. I have met some amazing moms and dads and without a doubt the classes have made me a better parent. If you are a new parent in Minnesota I strongly suggest looking into your local program. Okay, there was my plug…now on to the ‘J’ family’s preview! I met Collin and his mom Jen during our ECFE class last spring. Jen brought up during class that they didn’t have much luck at one of the mall photo studios for Collin’s one year pictures. I talked to her about my business and I was so excited when she called and asked about family photos this fall! Collin is an inquisitive, curious, silly little boy and it was so much fun playing at Minnehaha Falls with him! We got some great images of Collin with this mom and dad too – each time that we were working on getting a group shot, Collin would put one arm around each of them and squeeze them together until they kissed! So funny! Enjoy the preview of this handsome blue-eyed boy!

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  1. Jen

    Brianna, I can’t tell you enough how happy Brad and I are with these photos. You’ve done such an amazing job of capturing so many aspects of Collin’s personality–not to mention that the photographs are simply beautiful. Thank you!!

    Oct 20, 2010 @ 9:45 pm