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Archive for April, 2011
jack william :: six months

Once again…so excited to post an awesome six month session. I love a cute, solid, chubby six month old and baby Jack delivers. He is just scrumptious from head to toe! What an amazing difference six months makes! Enjoy the preview Jana and Alan!

gabriela maria :: one year old

My beautiful niece Gabriela turned one in February and we met up at the Guthrie to capture her brown eyes, miles-long lashes and big smiles! Enjoy the preview!

luke :: one month

Little baby Luke decided to trick his mama and daddy into thinking he was going to arrive early, but instead came a week late! He is now an adorable, wide-eyed one-month-old. Baby Luke was wide awake for most of his session, despite attempts to get him into a deep sleep. Finally at the end of […]