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anya marie :: newborn photos

It is so enjoyable to visit newborn babies and their parents in their first weeks of life. I love walking into a home, feeling the sense of calm and quiet with the underlying nervousness and excitement. I love seeing the proud father’s smile, the awe in his eyes as he looks at his wife, the head-over-heels adoration that he feels for his baby girl. I love seeing the natural way a mother holds her infant, the knowing looks that we as mothers share, the fierce protection and love that is immediate. I met baby Anya Marie when she was just over a week old at her home in Saint Paul. Once she was lulled into a deep sleep she was a perfect little subject! This session was even more special since I know Nat and Becca and am so happy for them, so happy that Anya has such amazing parents, so lucky that I will get to see this baby girl grow! Congratulations to Nat and Becca and welcome baby Anya!

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  1. Gary K

    THANKS! I have never ever seen such beautiful infant/parent pictures. Anya is positively angelic. Who are those parents? (just kidding of course). I’m pleased as punch and happy as a lamb for all three of you. Stop by anytime.

    Jul 11, 2011 @ 2:30 pm