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aksel & ingrid at the park

I have been so lucky this past year with the group of moms from my son Harper’s ECFE class.  It has been wonderful spending time outside of class getting to know all of them.  One of the moms, Christina, asked me to photograph her two little cuties this spring (which, due to weather turned into summer) and suggested Irvine Park in Saint Paul.   What a great spot!  I love finding new locations for sessions and this quiet, shady park, combined with a beautiful sunny morning was perfect.  Christina had warned me that I would have a tough time getting Aksel to smile…not so!  After getting him one-on-one and running around the park with sticks and a soccer ball, there was no problem there.  I’m so excited to share these shots of this happy, blue-eyed boy and his sweet little sister!   Enjoy!

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