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justin + solena {married}

Justin and Solena’s wedding was like no other I’ve experienced.  The amount of thought and effort that was put forth to make this event as pleasurable as possible for their guests was colossal.  They didn’t miss a detail!  The wedding and reception took place at Afton Alps.  We were just on the border between summer and fall, but with the recent weeks of wet weather, the area had become beautiful and green with just a sprinkle of fall leaves.  Of course every couple dreams of a warm, sunny wedding day, but the overcast skies were perfect for me!

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  1. Solena Fleming

    What an AMAZING Photographer-friend! She and her wonderful assistant-husband captured every single moment. What a gift for them to share their talent with us. We love you!
    Justin & Solena.

    Dec 24, 2013 @ 11:08 am