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como conservatory
the ‘c’ family

I had such a fun time with this tree-climbing, soccer-playing, back-flipping family at Como Park! We started out the session on the carousel and boy do the workers there run a tight ship!  No standing Anna!  The weather this fall has been so crazy that we had to reschedule their session once due to cold […]

laura-anne :: senior

I photographed Laura-anne’s older sister a few years ago and was so happy to get a call from her mom that she had another daughter graduating! During Laura-anne’s session at Como Park, we watched as big storm clouds got closer and closer. We finally decided that the rain had passed us by when out of […]

breanna :: graduating

I had so much fun taking Breanna’s senior portraits! What a beautiful girl with a beautiful name too! We wandered around the Como Conservatory area with a quick stop at the Japanese Gardens before they closed. Breanna pretty much rocked it out the whole time – I love that she brought her homecoming dress! This […]