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leif :: northfield senior

Downtown Northfield is such a fun place to explore.  I did my first senior session there with the handsome Leif a couple weeks ago and love how the images turned out!  Enjoy the preview!

katie :: senior

I have been so lucky this year with my senior sessions: great locations, lovely weather, and gorgeous grads!  Katie is my latest brown-eyed senior and she is stunning.   Take a look at the bold, bright purple dress that Katie chose to wear for part of the session; I love how it pops against the […]

malachi :: sibley house senior session

I met up with Malachi for his senior session at the Sibley House  last week.  The air was thick and hot this evening and rain was threatening all day.  Luckily we had plenty of time to complete Malachi’s session before the dark clouds and rain blew in.  Enjoy the preview!

luke :: senior session at whitewater

It sounds like Luke has been visiting Whitewater State Park for many, many years, and when his mom suggested visiting there for his senior portraits I was all for it!  We decided to make it into a family camping trip with the photo session on the final morning.  We got up early and met up […]

erik :: senior

Erik and I had a chilly morning exploring the Saint Anthony Main area. I was totally not dressed for the weather! I got some great shots of Erik, plus found some neat overlay textures on some of the old buildings too. You’ll see an example on the last image – I took a photo of […]

becky :: senior

I met up with the gorgeous Becky at Como Lake a few weeks ago and the combination of the afternoon sun, the fall leaves and Becky’s hair and outfits were so perfect! I mean…that HAIR! I LOVE IT! That’s about all I have to say about that. Wow. Enjoy your preview Becky! Thanks so much […]