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minnehaha falls
saira :: senior

We planned an early morning session with Saira at Minnehaha Falls to try to beat the heat in July. Of course it caught up with us and we were dripping by the end of the session, but Saira did an awesome job!  Those dark brown eyes are just stunning!

lauren :: senior

Oh, the joys of having a weather-dependent job in Minnesota! The whole day of Lauren’s senior picture session the weather was terrible: rain, rain and more rain right in the middle of a week of unbearable heat. We went so far as to cancel the session and reschedule for another day when miraculously the sky […]

berkeley + keaton

I’m excited to post another Saint Paul ECFE family preview! I donated a session for the Highland ECFE location’s silent auction fundraiser this spring and Valerie won it! She put in a lot of hard work pulling everything together for the event, so I’m really happy that she got to do something special like this […]

will + jake + gabby

Introducing my newest niece Garbriela Maria! Another little girl that likes to stick out her tongue! I can’t wait to slow down a little with my business this winter so I can sew her some cute little dresses! Jon, Patsy, Will, Jake and Gabby came down for a family session at Minnehaha Falls on one […]

the ‘j’ family

Since last fall my son Harper and I have taken an ECFE class at a local Saint Paul school. I have met some amazing moms and dads and without a doubt the classes have made me a better parent. If you are a new parent in Minnesota I strongly suggest looking into your local program. […]

andreas :: one year

Andreas is one year old and we met up at Minnehaha Creek so he could show me all the fun new things he can do! He is walking, climbing, clapping, and getting to be such a big boy! He was being very serious that day, but with his sister’s help we were able to coax […]